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Cookie Jar


  • Stoneware square canister cookie jar
  • Microwave safe
  • Silicon freshness seal ring on lid
  • 60 oz capacity
  • MSRP $27.95-$34.95


Display your state pride on your kitchen counter with this great addition to the 'home.' décor line!  This versatile canister is great for storing your favorite things—whether you prefer coffee and tea, cookies and snacks, edibles and tobacco products, or anything else. This stoneware canister measures just over 5” x 5” at the base and is 7.5” tall.  The lid features a silicon rubber gasket to seal in freshness and extend shelf life.

Each canister is hand decorated with a high-fire ceramic decals and fired in our kilns at 1500 degrees to make the design permanent.

**PLEASE NOTE: Currently we are only producing wholesale. Currently, minimum order quantity for each product is 4.**


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